Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It's a rare occasion that Sean and I do anything without the kids and when we do it is usually dinner and a movie or sometimes the exciting shopping trip with no kids.  Our 9th anniversary was coming and I had yet to get him anything (it falls within days of Father's Day so it's always hard to find two decent gifts!) when I checked my email and found an awesome LivingSocial deal for a sunset kayaking tour for two! Now this is totally Sean and so totally NOT me! But since I have lost almost 50 pounds I feel like I have the ability to do these more physical activities.  

If you have ever ventured putting any part of your body into the Pacific Ocean then you can understand the need for the wet suits.  Most of the people on the tour opted not to but for as cold as I was when we did finish I sure am glad we did!!

I'll tell ya, when our tour guide Nick was teaching us to paddle and what we needed to do to get past the surf (which was pretty bad at the time) I was ready to chicken out and run but I didn't! And once we were past the surf which really wasn't that hard because someone from the company pushes you out to waist deep and you only have to go a little further, it was SO worth it!

It is June in San Diego and the marine layer was already rolling in so the June Gloom was hanging overhead but it was still beautiful!!

The houses on "Billionaires Row" are amazing, even more when you learn that due to erosion most of those 15+million dollar homes only have about another 20 years before they have to be torn down or face falling into the ocean.  The most unbelievable thing is that because of the erosion issue these houses cannot get home owners insurance and therefore cannot be mortgaged so they are all cash purchases!

The tour guide took this in front of the La Jolla Caves.  It was so much fun, I'm so glad we did it!

The beauty of God's creation could not be ignored that night! Amazing! We were able to be see the Garibaldi - the official saltwater fish of California, the famous La Jolla Sea Lions, and a ton of pelicans. So awesome to be that close to nature!

Since the earthquake two years ago on Easter the tours of the caves have been limited to the exterior of all but one.  This cave the tour guides actually jump into the water and guide you through as you paddle.  It was amazing the strength of the current going in and out of the cave.  And the water in the cave was very clear, you could clearly see the rocky bottom.  

Inside looking out, A-Mazing!

For years we have been going down to Children's Pool in La Jolla to see the sea lions and seals that make their home there. It is an amazing sight, especially during pupping season.  There were a few very large, very loud sea lions on a rock island that we got pretty close to but the darn disposable waterproof camera doesn't do justice to how close we were to them!
On the way back into shore we paddled through a flock of pelicans that apparently don't have much fear of people because they were very content to just sleep as we paddled on by! We also saw three dolphins not to far from us but there was no way I was getting a picture with the camera I had.  

When we were getting ready to paddle out, standing on the beach all I could think is "I DO NOT WANT TO FALL OUT OF THE BOAT!" We were watching boat after boat come back in and just BITE IT in the surf.  As the guides were instructing on how to "kayak surf" I began to doubt my ability to make it through landing the boat without it tipping over, but hey the tour was over and I'd be ok if it happened going in.  So we were the last boat going in, a mother/daughter boat in front of us had just rolled over and we were laughing at that as the wave PICKED us up and started bringing us in, we leaned back and successfully "surfed" the first wave. The guy on shore waiting to help catch us said "that looked professional!" and then I heard him say "I got you!" and the next thing I know I'm looking at the water, turned 90* and knowing - SHIT I'm going in!!!  And then I wasn't, dude righted me and I rode right on in, while Sean was WALKING next to the boat because he apparently did not hold on for dear life as the boat was turning over.  So of course I will NEVER EVER EVER let him live it down - he fell out and I didn't!! NAN NAN A BOO BOO!!!!! 

It was awesome, I loved it! I'm hooked and will totally be doing this again! Can't wait for the kids to get bug enough and get them out of the water! What an awesome experience and it was a great way to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Koolaid Playdough!

It's summertime and that means many hours that need to be filled! My kids are Art Attack experts.  I'm not sure how they stumbled upon it, but they watch episode after episode on YouTube.  They love the idea of making things! Logan has watched tutorials on just about everything and he has always wanted to make playdough but every recipe calls for peanut butter and with Peyton's peanut allergy that just isn't anything we can do.  I stumbled across a blog while playing on Pinterest, 100 Things To Do With Kids This Summer. I picked a few to try out and was excited to see that homemade playdough was an option we could do!

There are many Edible Play Dough recipes, but because of Peyton's allergy our choices were limited.  I chose the Koolaid recipe because it seemed pretty easy and allowed the kids to choose the color of their playdough. The kids each picked a flavor/scent of koolaid for their playdough and to no ones surprise we made lemon-lime (green) and cherry (pink)! Now technically this playdough is edible, however it has a half cup of salt in it so it does not taste good at all, but it smells FANTASTIC!

The kids LOVE their playdough and they are excited mom is letting them use her rolling pin and cookie cutters (something not allowed with real playdough).  It stores up to six months and I'm sure they will get many hours of enjoyment out of it!

Peyton's Preschool Graduation 2012

Although Peyton still has another year of preschool before starting Kindergarten she participated in the Part Day Preschool class's graduation ceremony.  She has attended this preschool for nearly two years and has loved it! However, she needs to move up to a more academically based program so we enrolled her at Christ the Cornerstone Academy for next year.  

She was so cute in her little cap and gown (as was her brother last year)!  And she was so proud to have her teacher gifts to give to all of her teachers. A simple flowering plant with a sign that said "Thanks for helping me grow!"  

Peyton was very lucky to have 4 different preschool teachers this year but I would have to say Miss Monique was her favorite! She got the special flowers (because they were purple).  

This little backdrop was awesome! Peyton will be the CO 2026 but she still needed to have her picture taken!! 

I love this cake! They took the group photo and had it put on the cake! And then they painstakingly cut out every kids photo and they got to eat their piece of the cake! The kids LOVED it!

Here she comes! My BIG girl!! 

What a beautiful girl! I love watching her grow! 

Peyton and her bestie "Big" Peyton! The Peytons have known each other since age 2 and 8months! The Marine Corps split them up for a bit but we love the fact that they are together again and hopefully will be for a few more years!

Proud daddy and momma! Logan still had school and Belle was playing with her bestie - Pixi (Big Peyton's baby sister).  

Peyton and some of her buddies! Sweet girls!

I'm sad to be saying goodbye to the Miramar Part Day Preschool, they have been a special part of our lives for the last two years but am so excited to be starting our new journey with Christ the Cornerstone Academy! But most of all I'm so proud of my baby girl! She has grown so very much and is blossoming into such a beautiful little lady! I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wrapping up Kindergarten!

Well, my baby, my first born, is officially a 1st grader!! He has grown and learned so much this year.  I just cannot believe how fast this year sped by! 

The last few days of Kindergarten was probably the most action packed of the year - a field trip to Sea World, a grade level wide singing performance, a full day of fun in the park with parents, siblings, and all the kinders, and finally a small, but sweet promotion ceremony with the 24 other kids that have been his classmates throughout the year.

Logan on his first day! Wow, he's grown so much!!

Last week I was able to chaperone Logan's field trip to Sea World.  I was assigned Logan and three of his classmates and we were allowed to go anywhere and do anything we wanted, and it was great! We did the Polar Bear helicopter ride, a first for all the kids, the new Turtle Reef exhibit, the sharks, dolphins, and finished off by walking by and saying hi to Shamu! I had the most awesome day with Logan and his friends and I truly feel blessed I was able to have this experience with my son.

I took this at the new Turtle Reef exhibit, I love seeing him explore the world and  all of God's creations!

The last full week of school was wrapped up with the Kindergarten Summer Performance, a Hage Elementary tradition.  The entire Kindergarten class sang 4 songs to us and it was so great! I have video, expect a blog on that as soon as I figure out how to get it from my video camera to the computer!

He is such a BIG kid now!

Nothing says summer like a Hawaiian shirt, baseball cap, and sunglasses!
(He's doing the hand movements that went with the song)

What a cool dude!
(The kid on the left is Logan's BFF, Kevin - they are gonna be Power Rangers when they grow up!)

They sang a song to the Addams Family Theme called "The Kindergarten Class" - so cute!!

The last full day of school the whole grade level took off and spent the entire day in the park! They invited all the parents and siblings and had a pot luck, game filled, awesome fun day! Sadly I didn't get any pictures at the park, but when we walked back the kids all went in and began working on an assignment, Logan and his friend Elijah were sharing a desk because Elijah gave up his desk for Peyton! She totally just jumped in and participated and even did the assignment! The teachers love her and welcomed her in just like every other student!

Which brings me to the last day of Kindergarten...The teachers once again opened their classroom to the families to watch the little promotion ceremony they planned.  They even made the cutest little graduation caps out of black plastic cereal bowls, construction paper, and a piece of yarn for the tassel! TOO CUTE!

Logan's teachers job shared, one was there Monday through Wednesday and the other finished up Thursday and Friday. They were both great and were truly awesome in smoothing the bumps we found in the road! They will be missed!

 Man, I thought getting three kids to look at a camera was hard...24 is IM-possible! They are all so cute in their little graduation caps!

 And since they were good and took a good picture, we had to do silly!!  

Logan's silly, I enjoy the others as well!!
It's official! He's a big kid! Gosh it just seems like yesterday we were bringing him home, or that he was starting preschool, or kindergarten! And to top off the celebration of graduating from Kindergarten today, he got his first LOOSE TOOTH! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Junior Jarhead Day

Marine Air Group (MAG) 16 hosted a Junior Jarhead Day yesterday and our biggins got to get a small taste of what Marines do! They were split up by age groups and Logan was assigned to the Zebra squad and Peyton was a Giraffe!

PT is an essential part of being a Marine! So lets try some sit ups and push ups!!

The base fire department came and talked to the kids and then let them get in the truck! I always love when these guys come out, they are awesome with the kids and I think they help the kids understand never to be afraid when the firemen are around!

One of the stations  including camo face paint, uniforms, and flight gear! They were so cute!

Just like daddy!!
By far my favorite was the obstacle course! The big kids jumped hurdles, bear crawled and then low crawled over bubble wrap and under wires and at the end throw bean bag grenades! The little ones spent most of their time on the bubble wrap and throwing the bean bag grenades!

They had a paintball practice arena set up.  Peyton was most worried about this (she thought someone was going to shoot her) but it ended up being her favorite thing in the end! I see family paintballing in a few years!

The static displays are always a hit for the kids.  Because MAG 16 is solely helicopters and tilt-rotors the aircraft on display were the CH-53 Super Stallion and the V-22 Osprey (our fav by far!). I'm not sure how many times my kids have been inside these aricraft but they love it every time! But the coolest thing for the kids was the 53 was set up as it would be in combat, meaning it had 3 machine guns on board!! 
Love how he's peaking above it like he's taking aim!
Now that is a WAR FACE!
The day finished up with a demonstration by the K9 dogs that was a hit will all the kids! Each child received a tshirt, bandana, certificate, and personalized dogtag! They are officially Junior Jarheads now!

 What a great day! Thank you VMM-166 and MAG-16 for giving my kids a wonderfully memorable day!