Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watch Out World! Here I Come!!

With Sean out of town of course Belle has decided now is a good time to start walking! Here's just a quick video during dance class. At home sge is making it from one piece of furniture to another already! 9.5 months!! Lord, help me!!

This Little Piggy

This ones a little tricky & she was tired today. Plus I was holding Belle the whole time. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

Just need to thank Rachael for all the hand-me-down dance clothes! Peyton loves all her outfits!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

She's Coming 'Round the Mountain

Tangled Party Ideas!

Tangled is very popular for birthday party themes right now but I was honestly very disappointed at the lack of decorations and other Tangled party favors.  I searched and searched and finally decided most of what we would have would have to be handmade.  So them I jumped over to Pintrest and found so many awesome ideas! My only limitation was time.  Due to the time of year I only had two weeks to get everything done!

Party City does carry Tangled fill-in-the-blank type invitations for like $3 for 8.  I needed 30 invitations.  When I found this on Pintrest I knew I could easily make it with card stock, some glitter scrapbook paper, and yarn.  I suggest JoAnn's if you have one for the scrapbook paper, it was less than $1 a sheet where Michael's wanted $1.99 each!  To print it I just turned the page layout to landscape and did 3 columns.  Here is the original pin if you want to see my inspiration!
The invitation!
I found this awesome idea to make a HUGE braid as a decoration! I unfortunately ran out of time and adult help to actually braid it before the party so I decided to just gather it and tie it in sections.  Still a great effect!

About 35 feet of yellow, pink, & purple yarn run back and forth about 60 times. Then draped over our front balcony welcomed guests to this Rapunzel party!!

For the craft I decided that the kids could decorate their own paper lanterns! The 3.5 inch size was perfect from the Paper Lantern Store.  I also ordered a few colored to use as a birthday banner of sorts.  Again due to the lack of time I wasn't able to add the flower decorations I intended on the Happy and Birthday ones.  A quick trip to the Dollar Tree and I got foam sticker shapes and letters and also provided washable markers.  The kids loved it!!

With the Tangled theme favors for the girls were easy! I knew yarn braids were a must! With supplies from Ribbons and Bows Oh My! I made these cute favors for the girls.  And much to my surprise they were not as labor or time intensive as I had thought! 

Three sections of 6 strands of yellow, pink, and purple yarn, braided together and tied at each end.  Hot glued a barrette, flower/bow to the top, a few flowers along the braid and another bow at the bottom! It was a HUGE it, even with the boys!!

I truly struggled with a favor for the boys and to this day still think I could come up with something better but the boys did appreciate that there was an option other than the braids! I went to Staples and bought 20 4x6 bound notebooks and some Avery address labels.  Printed Flynn Rider's wanted poster on the labels and stuck them to the front of the notebook.  I also picked up the favor sized boxes of crayons at Party City and using the same labels printed "Color your dream" on them.  

My daughter had two requests for her cake/cupcakes.  We have a family friend who is really good at making cakes with fondant and had made a mutual friend's cake. So my daughter wanted a tower cake but also requested cupcakes with Rapunzel rings. I easily found the rings online and then enlisted my friend to help with the rest.  

The tower was awesome, just a 8 inch round covered in fondant and then the tower was made out of 5 ice cream cones.  The top is plastic covered in chocolate fondant but you could easily do it with a sugar cone as well!  Then she just piped ivy and added a few fondant flowers.  Very simple and beautiful! The cupcakes were all dyed a rainbow of colors as was the frosting.  Nothing special other than a decorating tip, even I could have done this!! Thanks Angela for all your help!!

There are a million other ideas out there! If you are looking to have a Tangled Party make sure your check out Pintrest, there are so many crafty people pinning on there!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Peyton's 4th Birthday Party

The minute Disney announced the release of their movie Tangled I knew Peyton would love it.  The girl that is obsessed with her hair, what other movie speaks to her than one about magical hair!!  So no big surprise when she requested a Tangled themed birthday party!

And thanks to Pintrest I was able to come up with a million decoration ideas! (if you have ever wanted to be crafty and couldn't, Pintrest can help!) I just wish I had had more than two weeks to work on it because I still have a million ideas of what I could have done!

The invitation! (Inspired from a Pintrest pin)

Loving the bouncy house! Pink and blue castle with a slide!

The whole family (and Sammie) pre-party, Logan's behind Sean

Even Belle loved the bouncy!
Grandma and Papa always send an Edible Arrangement to the kids parties and it's always a big hit! LOVE it! And thanks Grandma and Papa!!
Please can I have some?!?
When we decided on the theme I didn't want to focus on the painting aspect of Tangled because another friend had and I didn't want to steal her ideas.  So we thought that the lanterns would be a great part of the movie to pull into our whole theme. The craft we did was personalized paper lanterns!
Here's Peyton hard at work on her lantern!
 Peyton had two requests for cake for her party, one was a tower cake like her friend Elizabeth had and cupcakes with 'Punzel rings.  So our cake making friend was able to scale down the tower cake as well as make rainbow cupcakes for the kids that were the biggest hit!!
Happy birthday Peyton!
 I couldn't possibly include photos of every gift Peyton received.  She loved every single gift and is still excited about all of them.  She even got an awesome kite that she keeps talking about going to the beach and flying!
AWESOME Tangled Tutu from "big Peyton" and her mommy.
 If you like it, check out Too Tutu Cute

This is her Barbie "ba-tar" she has been asking for it FOREVER!
She regularly walks around with her  "ba-tar" rocking out to "Barbie Girl."

Monday, January 9, 2012

3/4 of a Year!

With the craziness of Grad school and then the holidays I got a little behind on my blog postings! Can you believe that Belle is already 9 months old??? She is growing so fast, always on the move, and more beautiful every day!

7 Months old

8 months and hating the hat!

9 months and finally enough hair for the bows Ko bought her!
(the only hair accessory I can use now b/c she pulls everything else off!)

I love this picture so much I needed to post it again!
At 9 months Belle is trying so hard to walk.  She's cruising furniture like crazy but won't slow down enough to learn to balance.  Her big brother and sister are her favorite things in the world! They make her laugh and entertain her in the car.  I can't believe in three months we will celebrating our last baby's first birthday! Love you Belle!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Surprise Christmas Photo Shoot

On our Christmas trip home my sister-in-law and I conspired together to do a little photo shoot to surprise the grandparents for Christmas.  Our kids rarely see their cousins so these pictures are so very priceless.  

The Stamps kids
 Since Peyton just turned 4 we asked the photographer to try to get some shots of just her for her birthday photo.

I wish we lived closer to Kaitlyn.  Peyton and Kaitlyn (or Peytlyn and Kaiton as they are often referred to when together) are only 2 1/2 months apart and are the best of friends when they are together.

One of the best of all 4 kids, Peyton was refusing to smile but still a keeper!
Love this one of the two of them!
 We thought it would be cute to try to get a photo of the big kids jumping off one of the tiers on the green. They must of jumped off this wall like 15 times, but they loved it!
1-2-3 JUMP!

Beautiful blue eyed baby

What a handsome young man he is becoming

Beautiful little girl

Cousins and friends

Hokey Pokey

Peyton started level 1 Tap & Ballet dance class at the Miramar Youth and Teen Center today. This was her first attempt at the hokey pokey! I have to say, it was the cutest thing ever!!