Friday, May 25, 2012

Hage Elementary Military Recognition

Today Logan's school, Hage Elementary, hosted military members for their Friday opening.  Luckily Sean's schedule allowed his to attend and he even dug to the back of the closet to find his "charlies" since the Marine Corps does not allow working uniforms (camouflage and flight suits) off base.

The girls enjoying the ceremony
They had girl scouts present colors, said the pledge, one student sang The Star-Spangled Banner (in front of easily 400 people!), and the advanced band students even performed for us!  They then called all the active duty, prior military, and spouses of deployed military to come up in front. 
Our Marine!
Every child in the school wrote a thank you letter to military personnel and then grade level, by grade level they called each up and they chose who to give their letters too.  Some kids had parents that were there others did not and just picked someone to say "Thank You" to. 
Logan giving Sean his letter (but the teachers head got in the way)
Logan's letter
It is awe inspiring that the school has taken SO much of their time this week, preparing this celebration, writing letters, and inviting all these military members.  So I want to say THANK YOU, Hage Elementary for educating and instilling patriotism into these children!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Our squadron hosted a Family Day at Petco Park to see a Padres game! The Padres are huge supporters of the military and this day they honored the military kids with a special pre-game activity! And going to a baseball game means two special things to my kids: a trolley ride and a hot dog at the ballpark!

6 years old and still a train lover!

Before the game we all gathered outside the stadium and Padres' personnel and our Commanding Officer escorted 22 VMM-166 kids (and probably about 20 other kids from other military units) onto the field for the pre-game festivities. 
The kids on the field at Petco Park
I was very proud of my kids who both stood with hands over their hearts while the National Anthem played, unfortunately I couldn't get a picture from where I was standing (plus I was rendering honors too!)

And they're off!!
They line up two lines on each exit to the dugout, my kids were the first two next to the dugout!!

Our good friends "big" Peyton and Preston were there too!

I took a quick video, I wish I could have gotten closer! What an awesome opportunity for our kids!!

And they are done! Way to go kiddos!
After reclaiming our kids, we headed UP-UP-UP to our seats.  I honestly don't think I'd want to be anywhere else than the top section with little kids.  
The Coronado Bay Bridge from the top of PetCo Park!
Nothing like the nosebleed section!

Loving on my Peyton!! 
So proud of her! She was the youngest of our group & the costumed Padres mascot walked right in front of her! 

When did Logan get so BIG?!?

Both rocking the SD logo tattoos (still are, 3 days later!!)

It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a ballgame! Thank you VMM-166 for taking us out to the ballgame and thank you San Diego Padres for giving my children such an awesome opportunity!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Surfin USA

Kids were playing Let's Dance for Kids and it's too stinkin cute! Usually Belle's in the middle of all the fun but toys were more important this song!