Saturday, September 24, 2011

Peyton's 1st Day of Preschool 2011-2012

This year Peyton is returning to the Part Day Preschool Program at the Youth and Teen Center aboard MCAS Miramar.  She loved the program last year and now she's in the "big girl" class.  She goes Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays for three hours in the morning.  She has all the same teachers and many of her classmates moved up with her.

When we were school shopping we found all the summer sundresses on clearance and I let her pick and she wanted the ladybug one.  So super cute!!
And no 1st day ensemble is complete without accessories from Too Tutu Cute!! (!  Rachael never even saw the dress and the bow was so PERFECT!!
Showing off her new preschool-sized Princess backpack!

Too cute for words!

Ready to go mom, stop taking pictures already!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Kindergartener!

Logan has been looking forward to Kindergarten all summer!  He would say something every time we went past his "new school".  And finally the day has arrived, we sent our first born off to Kindergarten!

Very excited about his angry bird zipper pull!
He is on a co-teaching team this year.  One teacher teaches Monday through Wednesday and the other teaches the rest of the week.  Both ladies are great!  And Logan loves school already!
It's official!

Getting right to work!
In San Diego there are no buses and Kindergarten parents are expected to drop off and pick up at the class room.  So I was able to get a few pictures after school too!
Showing me he got a 'green' card today!

Logan and his crown he made!
We figured there is only 1 first day of school ever and we needed to make it special for Logan.  After coming home and crashing hard for a 2 hr nap we headed out to Corvette Diner for dinner.  The kids LOVED the atmosphere, game room and especially the milkshakes!

Annabelle, the 5 month old!

How is it possible? Time seems to just be getting faster and faster! Annabelle Brynn is already 5 months old!! It has definitely been a hard, long 5 months but yet looking at my precious baby I can't believe how time has flown!

So happy and sweet!
With her big brother and big sister to keep up with Belle is in a huge hurry to do everything they are doing! I had not planned to start solid foods until she was 6 months but the she began showing signs that she was ready.  She loves rice cereal mixed with any kind of juice and screams if I put the bowl down!! Hope she keeps up the excitement when we start into baby food.

I'll just do it myself mom!
Her motor skills are improving by leaps and bounds.  I truly think she is trying to catch up to Logan and Peyton.  A month ago she was barely holding herself up on her arms for a few seconds now she's got all kinds of new tricks! 
Checking out the baby in the mirror!
She's rolling all over the living room, getting up on her knees pushing forward and falling back down (my little inch worm!), and now she's getting up on all fours!  She's going to be crawling before I know it!

Watch out world, here I come!

And it's not September in our house without one or all the kids dressed in their best scarlet and grey! Just as cute as Peyton was cheering for the Bucks! O-H-I-O!

Lil' Buckeye
I've said it a million times, Duffy is the sweetest, kindest dog you will ever meet.  Any time Belle is playing on the floor he will go lay down next to her and protect her.  He puts up with all the kids laying on him, jumping on him, pulling his tail.  He truly is the best dog in the world.  I caught this sweet picture while trying to take Belle's 5 month pics.  I think it's definitely a keeper!
Puppy Love

Monday, September 5, 2011

Peyton's 1st Haircut!

Anyone who knows Peyton is probably really shocked to see this blog!  For those who don't she is certainly a hair diva!  I found a Tangled shirt that pretty much summed up Peyton, it said "It's all about the hair".  This child brushes her hair non-stop and is convinced she too will be Rapunzel one day.  Problem is at almost 4 years old she has never had a haircut, the ends were always knotted, and it was a struggle to get her hair tangle free.  After months of talking about it I finally convinced her to trim the ends to help it be healthier and grow.

Miss Danielle cuts Mommy & Logan's hair too.  Peyton was so excited!

Sitting super still for her hair "trim"

My big girl

All done, truly you can't really tell but we took about an inch off!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


So we had 2nd day free tickets to Legoland from our visit back in July.  We ended up having to go on a Sunday and to beat the crowds we were there when they opened the turnstiles, and then opened the park in sections.  Our first planned stop was the water park but we were early so we played a little to start with!

Early birds get the train to themselves! And get to ride as long as they want!!

At 10 the entire park opened and we rushed up to the water park to beat the crowd.  This was the one thing we HAD to do on this visit.  Logan, the iPhone expert, has been scoping YouTube and the Legoland app and had learned all there was to learn about the new water park! 
Logan on Build-A-Raft River, the one thing he HAD to do.
Peyton was a little scared but the life vest helped calm her & she loved it!

Daddy & his girls on one of the slides in DUPLO Splash Safari.

Two fun filled hours at the water park and the kids were asking to ride the big rides out in the main park.  So we walked out to the car, changed clothes, ate lunch daddy packed for us, and headed back in to ride as much as we could!! Peyton was already tired and her timidness stopped her from riding most of the ones we tried but Logan was a riding fool!

Logan wanted to ride the Lost Kingdom Adventure back in June but the line was too long so this time we made sure we checked this one off his list!

The Royal Joust where Sir Logan rode the blue horse

Nothing makes Peyton's day more than meeting a fellow princess!

One of the few rides we were able to talk Peyton into, Flight Squadron is definitely daddy's domain!

Logan's turn, he was so patient watching Peyton go first.

Belle being a big girl in the stroller

The Fun Town Fire & Police Academy was a work out for daddy since Belle & I couldn't ride.  Logan 'helped' and Peyton was along for the ride.  But this was another "have to" on Logan's list.
Every time we've gone to Legoland the line for the Sky Cruiser has been ridiculously long.  But this time it was manageable (especially since it has a Lego play area for kids while parents wait in line)
A great way to end our Legoland day!
We stopped by the Sea Life Aquarium on the way to the car to take full advantage of the park hopper passes.  I knew that my dad would have wanted us to use the tickets he bought us and was smiling down on us the whole day.  This place will definitely always hold a special place in my heart.