Friday, September 21, 2012

A New Year, A Fresh Start

With Peyton requiring a third year of preschool we knew we would have to find her a more challenging program that would more prepare her for kindergarten. I truly believe God led us to Christ the Cornerstone Academy. It is a Lutheran based church school literally IN our neighborhood.  We fell in love with their preschool curriculum and soon were convinced Logan would achieve so much better through there dayschool program as well. God provided the means and we enrolled them both. 

I feel like it was just yesterday that these two were tiny tiny and I was struggling to survive a day. Now they are both out of the house for a large portion of the day and they LOVE their new school!

1st Grade!

Preschool take 3! 
I love the fact that Logan's classroom is capped at 24. Currently there are only 21 students but because there are 21 the teacher gets a full day aide as well! So it's 2:21 versus the 1:25-30 they were anticipating at the public school! He's already made so much progress in the few short weeks he's been attending Christ the Cornerstone!

Good friends of ours heard me raving about this awesome program and also enrolled their daughter. These two have know each other since birth and now get to be in the same class together!

There are so many benefits of both of them attending CTCA. Everyday I hear "I saw you on the playground" or "Did you see me at the flag? I saw you!" and for someone who only had 1 year (and that being Kindergarten) with a sibling in the same school I just think those moments are a treasure! But I would have to say the best part of the kids being Christian school is the Christian education. We now have special prayers, songs, and Bible verses that the kids repeat regularly! The other day I caught Logan singing "We want to see Jesus lifted high" over and over and it brought tears to my eyes.

I have never been big on discussing religion but I will have to say, we listened to the Holy Spirit and now our children are experiencing something fantastic and for that I feel eternally grateful and blessed!