Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Future World Cup Player!

MCAS Miramar's youth sports program is awesome! In the fall Logan played Start Smart T Ball which was a parent participation, skill building program. This spring, because Logan is about to turn 4, he is on the big boy soccer team! He has 5 teammates & 2 coaches. Our first practice went great and Logan had a great time! He is definately his father's son!

Logan at his very first soccer practice!

He's doing really well kicking & running

Kicking straight is a challenge but Logan is up to it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Peyton's Kitchen

Grandpa Jon & Grandma Pat gave Peyton a play kitchen for Christmas, but because we were in Atlanta we waited until returning home to order it. The kids and I went to pick it up from Wal-Mart where they were nice enough to load it in the car, however no one would come home with me to take it out... So I dragged it out of the van and somehow managed to get the 87 lb box in the house.

It was sitting here taunting me, Logan kept asking to put it together, so last night I finally broke down after the kids went to bed & opened the box... Here's what was in the box:

47 parts & a crap load of hardware!

Had it not already been spread all over my living room, I probably would have put it in the garage & waited for Sean to get home. But it was the point of no return!

Once I got going, it really wasn't difficult. I just wished I knew where the Allen wrench attachment for the drill was...

This was about 3 steps into it, less than 10 minutes.

I was thinking, wow I'm gonna have this done and be in bed early! But then about step 8, I made a HUGE mistake. I screwed the stove top part on without putting some of the hardware on the bottom of it to attach it to one of the supports. So 4 Allen screws in, 4 back out, take the top back off and assemble it correctly. Then 4 Allen screws back in...

So after the pain in the butt of removing the stove top, it was pushing my bedtime so I decided I would do a few more things & then stop for the night.

One & a half hours, more than half way!

We got up and the kids played a little but it was sitting smack dab in the middle of the living room so I decided to finish it up. Only now I have "help"... It only took about another 30 mins to finish it but it was a pain to get all the sections squared to fit the top on correctly.

Finished product!

Peyton LOVES it!

She's already on the phone, wonder where she gets that from?!?

So now my 87 lbs box is an assembled 87 lbs kitchen, sitting in the middle of my living room floor. I decided to try to slide in into place in the playroom and about a foot into moving it I heard some lovely wood breaking noises and the whole thing swayed backwards. I looked and one of the bottom edges of the left side was completed snapped off!!! OMG!! I thought I was gonna die! Luckily I called the manufacturer and they are sending a whole new left side to fix it. However it has about 7 other things screwed into it so it will be waiting for daddy to fix!

Finished kitchen with a book propped under the back left corner to "fix" my boo boo!