Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy 1/2 year Annabelle!!

How is it even possible?  Belle is half a year old already!!  She's growing so fast and trying to keep up with her brother and sister.  On her 6 month birthday she decided to start sitting up on her own! She's low crawling and rolling all over the place, she's rarely where I left her when I put her down.  Belle is definitely on the move now!

She's now a whopping 15lbs 10ozs, she gained a pound and a half in a month! Guess cereal in her bottle is fattening her up! She did slow on her length growth and is still around 27 inches. And as always was a champ for her shot! 
Peak a Book I see you!

Such a cutie even in lime green!

Showing off her sitting skills in her room!

So happy - love that girl!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


The best part of the Miramar airshow is the Marine Air Ground Task Force Demonstration (MAGTF).  It shows how all the parts of the Marine Corps come together to accomplish a mission.  I'm a little partial to the air portion, plus my iPhone overheated so most of the pictures are of the aircraft.

Marines about to repel out of a Huey (missed the pic of them actually repelling)

Marines being extracted by a Huey or Marines on a rope like I call it! LOL!

The  ground guys come in after the area has been secured & assault a target

4 Cobras

The mighty Battle Phrogs insert troops!

Here are the 53s on the final "parade" I missed an awesome on of them lifting a Humvee (darn iPhone overheating!!)

And here come the Ospreys!! (from VMM 166 no less!)

if you ask Peyton what that is she'll tell you "A transformer"

Harrier doing a vertical landing, loudest thing there!!
Nothing makes me more MOTO than the MAGTF!!  I'll tell anyone who asks, I drank the Kool Aid, I LOVE THE MARINE CORPS!  OOHRAH!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Fun Day at the Airshow!

The MCAS Miramar Airshow is something we look forward to each year.  This year we hit the kids expo area first so we weren't rushed through.  After seeing all their teachers & caregivers fro the Youth & Teen Center, getting their faces painted & playing a few carnival type games, the kids were able to do a Home Depot Children's Workshop! They also did a few other booths getting to color with textures, design an airplane, & other fun kid things!!

Getting ready to start their projects!

Very proud of himself!

 After walking the expo we toured a huge KC135 Air Force Refueler and looked at a few others.  Bummed we missed the giant C5 this year (apparently it arrived Friday night).  At noon we headed to the stands to watch the MAGTF demonstration (my favorite part, I'll blog more about that later). After last year I knew we'd need ear muff type hearing protection for all three this year. 
Logan stylin in his blue!

Peyton's hot pink (still wearing that home Depot apron!)
And Belle rocks the pink too!!
All in all a great day at the airshow, the kids liked walking around more than watching the aircraft.  I look forward to many more years at the airshow!!  Here's a few cute shots of the kiddos that I had to share!!
Lunch break in the van, sitting in Belles carseat! (still wearing that apron!!)

Blue cotton candy with LOTS of dye apparently