Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Logan's Birthday Zoo Trip

Since Sean's Homecoming is just around the corner, for Logan's birthday we just decided to get together with some friends & head down to the San Diego Zoo. It was a great way to celebrate Logan's 4th birthday! We had a great day & once again realize how very blessed we are to have our military "family"!

Peyton wanted to ride alone so she was in a friend's stroller & her daughter was riding with Logan. She was so content to be a only child for once in her life! And Logan loved to be riding with a friend!

Here's the birthday boy checking out the giraffes. He thought the baby one was so cute!

They just opened a new polar bear exhibit at the zoo. Although we never saw the polar bears all the kids had a great time playing in & on the polar bear cave. Peyton kept crawling around roaring like a bear! Logan was sliding on the top. Too cute!

After a long walk up to the polar bears we decided to take the Skyfari back to the front of the zoo. The kids totally loved it!
It was a beautiful day in San Diego, we had great friends to celebrate with, and in a few short days we will be going to base to pick up Sean! Life is Good! God is Great!


One of the hardest part of being a military family during a deployment is facing holidays alone. Since we were home for the first part of the deployment we had our family there to celebrate with us. But now that we are back in San Diego that support system isn't there. However the blessings of military life include a stand-in "family". So with Easter approaching, I opened our house to a pot-luck Easter dinner & egg hunt.

We had 4 other mommies and their 6 kiddos come to dinner on Easter Sunday. We are so blessed to have such great friends to surround ourselves with and celebrate Easter!

The day started out with a visit from the Easter Bunny! Logan got a bunch new Geo Trax pieces! Including a "ding ding gate" which he LOVES! Peyton racked up on Dora stuff!

Next on the agenda was church. The kids & I have started attending Tierrasanta Lutheran Church and really love it! I truely feel at home there! I can't wait to bring Sean with us. This is the kids in their Easter best ready for church!

The egg hunt was the highlight of the day for the kiddos! The Easter bunny left a stash of eggs with all the mommies to hide for this egg-tra special hunt with friends!

I think the most memorable thing for the mommies was the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that shook the house pretty well. It was not my first earthquake but for some it was. It was cool at first until it continued & got worse. Then it was a little scary! Nothing was broken, the kids didnt even realize anything was happening, just a few mommies in awe of what had happened.