Sunday, April 29, 2012

Riding with Bubba

Belle's learning quick!

Really, how old is this kid? 12 months going on 2 yrs!

Animal Action

It's been awhile since I posted a dance video so I thought I would get a new one up!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Annabelle's Antics!

I'm not sure if it's because my other kids were older when they were crazy-all-over-the place or Annabelle is just more spirited but whew, she wears me out!! If she's up, she's into something! Here's a few shots of her most recent antics!
Toys are NOT supposed to be put away mom! (that shelf was full a few moments before this!)

The Tupperware cupboard is her favorite! Pulling it all out is the best!
Her coat often subs as a blankey in her eyes, think she's getting in there for a nap?
These next two were while I was folding laundry in the toy room, she was in there with me just being crazy!
Standing ON the toys is much more fun! (notice that shelf is empty again, )
Sitting IN the doll pack-n-play. It's for babies right mom?
Jumping on Bubba is good for laughs all around!
She's so cute and full of energy! I'm so glad she's my last because I'd never have the energy for another! Love you Belle!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Mom, THAT was a fun party"

Next to celebrating my babies birthdays nothing makes my heart happier than celebrating my friends' kids birthdays! Our Ps are turning 6 and 4! I can't believe it! When I met the Wunderlich family "Big" Peyton was 2 ("Little Peyton" was 7mons!) and Preston was like 4 months!! The Marine Corps moved them away and back again and now our kiddos are together again with the addition to the littlest P, Paxton (or Pixie as most call her now) and "Baby" Belle who are best friends already!

We had an awesome time at the Capes and Castles themed party!

Belle thought the tunnel was awesome but wouldn't go through.
Belle & Pixie, BFFs
Super Logan! What awesome party favors!

There were two versions of the game, boys played "Pin the Badge on the Wunderkid" and girls played "Pin the Tiara on Princess Peyton." This was the first time my kids played any pin the tail type games and they both LOVED it! A necessary must at my next home birthday party!!
Super Logan must not have xray vision (check out that smile!)
Princess Peyton was a little unsure about the blindfold but with some help was able to  pin her tiara!
Well who just wants to be a princess when you can be a princess super hero???
Belle was using Jessa's carseat as a rocking chair, she's getting to big!
Kids these days! Who needs a playground when you have cell phone Lego games to play!

Happy birthday Big Peyton and Preston! Hope your day was great, we had an awesome time celebrating with you!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a very busy weekend that included Belle's 1st birthday, Logan's 6th birthday, 2 soccer games, and the culmination was Easter! The kids were very excited about Easter.  

They had many discussions about the Easter bunny and decided we needed to hang some signs.  Peyton, who is terrified of anything in a costume, was mostly concerned with the Easter Bunny coming upstairs while she was sleeping.  So they agreed they needed to put a "No Bunnys Upstairs Ples (please)" sign.  

After the mess Lucky the Leprechaun left I told them we needed to hand a sign for the bunny so he would remember to wipe his paws before coming in! 

Baskets were simple this year however the kids didn't seem to mind! Peyton loved all her princess stuff and of course her candy!

Logan was very excited about his Power Ranger mini figures (actually Mega Block brand but they fit with Legos too!)

I big girl sippy and a bag of goldfish, what else does a 1 year old need??

The bunny was a lot trickier this year with the egg hiding! He drove the power wheels over one of Duffy's digging holes and left eggs UNDER the truck!

How many eggs can a baby hold?? It was amazing to watch her try to stand up while holding all three! She only made it about 2 steps before she dropped them.

Good thing daddy hasn't cut the grass lately, those eggs hid real well in the tall grass of the "garden"

The basket is more fun when you wear it as a belt...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! Best friends, helping each other find their eggs.  I know in the years to come we will have ups and downs with all of the kids, but moments like this make me thankful we braved having kids so close together because I think they will be the best of friends! 

Logan's last egg was a toughy! They looked and looked and finally found it! He must of dropped it in the "engine" compartment when he reattached the battery to move it over Duffy's hole!

Unfortunately it is getting harder and harder to get a good picture of the kids! Here they are in their Easter best! (When did they get so BIG?)

Belle humored me for a bit and even wore a headband! 

The sun makes it hard for a non-squinty outdoor picture... Yes they brought their baskets to church...

After church we celebrated with a group of friends, had another egg hunt, and ate a wonderful meal! And among all the eggs and bunnies were a few lessons on the true meaning of Easter.  It was indeed a very Happy Easter!!

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Logan!

Logan's birthday always seems to fall in the middle of Spring Break and this year the added bonus of it also being the day before Easter! So we have delayed his big party until the end of the month. However we couldn't let the day go by without some celebration! 

After our soccer games, where his team sang Happy Birthday to him, we came home to open up presents! Cards from grandparents are always the best!

His favorite! "It's LEGOS mom!!"
Gift card to Toys R Us with his picture on it!

Very excited about the Lightening McQueen card!

 Only a few gifts from us this year but apparently our choices were the best! Legos are his favorite thing right now and I found a Ninjago (type of Lego) watch. You can see from these pictures he really enjoyed it! He spent the rest of the day telling us "it's two and seven (1:35)" or "it's two and twelve (2:00)". Hoping his excitement about his watch will help him begin to understand the concept of time,

 He got two Lego building sets along with a new Leapster cartridge.  He had all his new legos built within a day of opening then despite our busy schedule! That boy sure loves his legos. 

With our new biking hobby, Logan really needed a bigger bike.  His previous 14in bike was way to small. He really loves his new big kid bike, now we gotta work on getting off those training wheels!

We had a fabulous day celebrating our little man! And the fun isn't over, he has a party with his close friends, classmates, and team mates in a week.

Month of the Military Child - Sea World show

April is the Month of the Military Child.  MCAS Miramar has a great line up to entertain and celebrate our littlest heroes! Every Thursday in April there is a show followed by a free movie at the Bob Hope Theater.  Check out the remaining schedule here.

Last week the kids were on spring break so we headed up to base to check out the Sea World show.  We love living in San Diego because each year Here's to the Heroes campaign we are able to visit Sea World once for free! This day Sea World came to us!

Belle was captivated by all the animals!
They had two baby alligators
One of which passed right by my baby

The show is educational as well as entertaining.  They showed the audience how to identify the differences between a crocodiles snout and an alligators as well as the differences in their teeth. 

Peyton's favorite animal was the two-toed sloth (yes it was a two-toed sloth, yet another lesson we learned). She said he was the "cutest ever!"

Peyton is very reserved when it comes to being hands on with animals so I was amazed she petted it.

There were other animals including a tortoise, one of the dogs from the Pets Rule show at Sea World, a few birds, and a marsupial that I can't remember its name.  All of the kids really enjoyed the show as well as their momma! And then we stayed and watched Happy Feet 2! What a wonderful day to celebrate my babies and the sacrifice they make being a military child!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Belle's 1st Birthday Celebration!

I am still completely in denial that my baby is turning 1!!! My little Jelly Belly, I love her to pieces and very much love watching her grow and learn and become the person she will be!

I totally stole the idea for the jelly bean theme from Belle's godmother, Ko whose son's 1st birthday was also jelly bean themed. We just had a small family-friend event so I did not make a lot of decorations but a few cute ones were a must!!

Jelly Beans cut by daddy on duty because mommy ran out of time! 

Pinterest inspired balloon weight!

Jelly Belly jelly beans, a jelly bean kaleidoscope, and some Easter bubbles in a cute basket were just part of the favors

Close friends, good food, and lots of fun to celebrate a sweet one year old!

Most of these kids were at Peyton's 1st party.  They are our family away from home!!

Cupcake cake and a big bird cupcake for Belle!

Paxton refers to Belle as "baby" and thinks she's so much older than Belle when she's really only 6 months older!

Yummy Big bird!

Third times a charm! Finally a child who will make a mess with a cake!

Dressed as candy corn (left over Halloween costume/sleeper) to open presents!

My April babies are BFFs!!

A ball and shopping cart all her own! What else does a girl need?

Thank you to those who came to celebrate Belle! And so many who have moved away that we wished could have been there, you were truly missed! Thank you for being such an important part of this little girl's life!