Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One day I will get married again...

First I have to apologize for the quality of the photos. They are almost 10 years old so they were shot on film, they were super dark when they were printed, and then I scanned them (again 10 years ago with a cheap scanner) and attempted to lighten them. One day I will find the actual photos and negatives (they've been moved like 8 times and they are in a box somewhere...) and hopefully take them to someone who knows what they are doing and get a few decent copies.

But I digress...

Almost 10 years ago I married the man of my dreams, and a decade, three kids, the crazy Marine Corps life, stress, loss, and illness later he is still very much the man of my dreams. 

Our wedding was small, and intimate, and beautiful. I loved my dress. What I did not love was me, I mean I loved me, I just didn't love the way I looked. I see these pictures know and am amazed at the changes in me over the last ten years.

A few weeks ago I volunteered at the annual Bridal and Ball Gown Giveaway aboard MCAS Miramar. The bridal gowns are completely free designer gowns that are donated for military fiances and wives. In order to get one a person has to go through steps to prove they are getting married or renewing vows and get it verified with the service member's command. 

When the day was winding down we were having a little fun and I tried on a dress.

Now, I am 90 lbs smaller than I was on my wedding day and obviously styles have changed but I put on this dress and realized "I WILL GET MARRIED AGAIN!" 

Sean and I always talked about renewing our vows on our 10th anniversary however the Marine Corps has different plans for next summer.  But one day, we will run away to Hawaii and get married again on the beach. 

Until then, I will dream of the perfect day, wearing another beautiful - just much smaller - dress with the man of my dreams already at my side.

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